Tuesday, June 10, 2014

It's Gon' Be A Good Day, Tater!!

And, indeed it has been.

My Bug went to his Summer Program this morning - we almost missed it because this Momma has a tendency to turn the alarm off when she can't remember why the FUCK it is set for 8:00 a.m. on her day off.... But then I remembered and we made it. He had a blast. He always does. He loves his Alta-Care crew....and they are a mighty fine crew!! There is a special place in Heaven for all of you who work with special needs kids. I thank you for the job you do because I could never do it!

Me and The Boy spent the day together just hanging out. We went to the gym and ran and lifted.....yes, I said ran (only three minutes out of the 20, but it's a start)....and I weighed in and discovered that A) I am down ELEVEN pounds from two weeks ago, and 2) I'm currently in the lead for the six week weight loss challenge at my gym.........I started this little adventure sort of half-assedly way back in November....since then, I'm down 30 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!! From a starting weight of 246.5 (YIKES!!) to today's weight of 215.2 (YIPPEE!!! but still have some work to do!) None of my pants fit anymore, but as far as problems go? Pants that are all too big is a good one to have!

After the gym, we went and had the best BLT's in town at Grateful Bread.....mmmmmm, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, green peppers, red peppers and red onions on sourdough bread that has been toasted in a pannini press..........YUM!! And a Monster Cookie for dessert.

And a new hat for both of us - Steelers for him, LA Kings for me......I find myself recently converted to a hockey fan. And since the LA Kings have not yet won a Stanley Cup, I find myself rooting for them. Especially since they are up 3-0 in the series and Game 4 is tomorrow night. Go KINGS!!

Finally made it back to Oula for the first time in I don't remember how long.....I have missed it. And so has my body....it will be screaming at me tonight and tomorrow morning, I'm sure.

Today was a perfect example of how the ordinary can be extraordinary.....if you let it. Enjoy what you have while you have it, people. Stop wishing and hoping and longing and whining around about what ISN'T and just revel in what IS. My "Note to Self" for today is to just have a life.......have a life that he is invited to be a part of, but exists - and is fabulous -  independent of whether he chooses to or not.

Imma have some spicy gum drops and go to bed! Sweet dreams peeps!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Oh, SO Much to Say........

.......and so much that I just can't. People don't always appreciate being the subject of a blog post, no matter how fascinating others may find it. A lot has happened since Kinky Boots. But all of it will remain in the deep ocean of secrets that is this woman's heart.

So, out of respect, I won't say - at least not here - what I really want to say so I will just say this.....

Pennies are nowhere NEAR enough for the many thoughts I'm having these days. However, sometimes half the battle is just knowing when to shut the hell up......I'm working on that. But I'm kind of a slow learner.

There's some peace in my house these days......I don't feel like I'm waiting for the phone to ring with some new and amazing drama that The Kid is part of. He's getting the help that he needs. I had my doubts at first, but now I'm certain I did the right thing for him.

The Former Supposed Spouse can't call 500 times a day anymore and that helps. I feel like I've turned a corner there too. I used to wait for the phone to ring so I could be completely on the defensive when he started bitching about what I did or didn't or wouldn't do or forgot to do or could give a shit whether I did or not.....I'm done. He calls and rattles off 50 things that he thinks I need to do - sometimes I listen politely and tell him ok I will......other times I just tune it out. I just don't care. Talking to him has become a chore and there's nothing new either of us has to say.

I have purchased new underwear FOUR TIMES in the last two months because my ass, apparently, is no where near as big as I seem to think it is. I've had to buy new pants too, because all the ones in my closet are too big. I just bought four pairs out of the regular Juniors' sizes at both Maurice's and Rue 21. All that hard work is paying off. Every time I look in the mirror, I see a new muscle where once there was just flab.....it's addictive!!

And I'm just getting started!