Sunday, February 15, 2015

So As I'm Walking Out Of The Theater....

..... And noticing the many couples who were also walking out of the movie theater, I couldn't help but think there's a lot of ladies who will go home tonight, get tied up with one of the hubby's ties, and have her ass spanked until it's the loveliest shade of pink!

And the second thought that passed through my hot-flash clouded head was Oh! How I wish I was one of them.

Yeah. I'm a freak. I admit it. And I say to you all A) don't knock it until you've tried it and 2) let your freak flag fly boys and girls. Life is far too short to live with the shoulda coulda wouldas.

Explore. Experiment. Enlighten yourself. Find someone you trust and let yourself go. Drink some wine. Watch some porn. Talk dirty to each other. Enjoy and indulge in each other. Love each other.

And..... You know.... fuck each other stupid on a regular basis.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

So As I Crawled Into Bed Last Night...... felt like it had been a week since I had slept in my own bed.

And then I realized it HAD been a week since I had gone to bed - at bedtime - in my own bed. And even though I will gladly give up a good night's sleep to spend time with him, I slept amazingly well. My head hit the pillow at 10:30ish and I didn't wake up again until about 7. Not even to pee, which is a minor miracle.

It's been a good week. It started last Saturday and finished up on Friday. In quite spectacular fashion, I might add. And it's been a long, LONG time since I got to spend a Friday night that way. And I loved (almost) every minute of it. We had a little hiccup Saturday morning....and I'm not sure why, but there were some tears. They maybe could have been avoided. (Because I told you, Sunshine - honest and open and inclusive saves the day. And it wasn't the lack of inclusion on your little outing, but the not knowing that upset me. Remember that. And yes, I did enjoy hearing about it later.)

He keeps a key hidden. And he trusted me to use it to be in his house unsupervised. And it was really, REALLY cool to be there waiting for him. My fire building skills may leave a bit to be desired because it wasn't nearly as toasty as he always has it, but I pay attention and now I know the secret, so next time......

It's interesting to me how......normal......the week was. When I don't have to try to extract enough pleasure from a single visit to last me until who knows when I'll get to see him again, I can relax. If we fuck like bunnies, great. But even if we just snuggle and talk, or scroll through our Facebooks, or watch bad's the being there - together -  that feels SO good. It keeps me sane.....the chaos that is my life fades into the background and he loves me to a place where I feel like I can deal with anything.

I don't often allow myself the luxury of envisioning a future together.....there are too many things and too many people making too many complications in both our lives to dare think it will ever really happen.......but even so, I let my imagination run away with my heart every now and then. And I told him that. And I told him about it. And......whatever happens, happens.

I'm off to start cooking....Go 'Hawks!