Monday, September 5, 2016

My Kid Thinks I'm Crazy.....

......and he's not entirely wrong. There are flashes of insanity here and there. But when it comes to his well being, I am 100% Mama Grizzly.

I am fanatical about knowing wherehe is, who he is with and what they are doing and where they are gong. We just talked about this last night. We were watching a show on Investigation Discovery about two little girls who were kidnapped, assualted and killed.

"This is why I always need to know where you're going!!" I told him. "Because bad things happen everyday, everywhere."

And I got the typical 12-year-old response. And eye roll, a giant sigh, and "I KNOW mom!!"

The next show was about a 17-year-old who decided that she and another friend were going to try dropping acid. One hit. One time........and she died. She DIED. Because what she thought, what she was told was LSD was actually one of those new synthetic drugs. The person who was selling it to these little high school kids KNEW it wasn't LSD and purposefully lied to them because he knew they wouldn't buy it if they thought it was dangerous.

And I turned to him again and told him, "Not even ONCE!!" And, again, "I KNOW, mom!!" I swear one of these days those eyes are gonna roll right out of their sockets, out onto the floor, and underneath the couch.

I give him a considerable amount of freedom. He's a good kid. He's not a bully. He doesn't go in for vandalizing shit. He likes to ride his bike and his scooter and generally, the farthest he goes from home is the skate park. I trust his judgment. I trust him. I know all of his friends and, for the most part, all of their parents. And they're all pretty good kids too. And I trust them as well.

It's everyone else in the world that I don't trust.

It's tough letting your kids go, giving them a little bit of independence. But, you have to. If you don't, they will never learn how to make good choices. How to think for themselves. It terrifies me though. It keeps me up a night and gives me nightmares sometimes. But it I were to dwell on all the terrible things that MIGHT happen, I would miss out on all the awesome things that DO happen.

It's a hell of a balancing act. One that I don't always get right.

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  1. Seems like you're doing pretty good, Lana! It's good that you talk to your kids, even if they respond with eye rolls lol. To me it sounds like they have just heard it a million times lol, which is good it means you drilled it into them. Cool blog -Bless