Sunday, November 13, 2016

Dear Young Person.......

.......I see you struggling.

I know you are voting for probably the very first time and I am so very sorry that this election has been so terrible. As an adult who has voted in a great many elections, I do not recall one as nasty and divisive as this one.

I know you are still idealistic and believe that you can change the world and make it a more loving and inclusive place for every one. I'm older and I still believe in making the world a better place, but my world has become much smaller now.

I know you might not yet understand that good doesn't always win. Time and experience has shown me that the world can be an ugly place and that disappointment is a part of being an adult.

I know that you are still trying to find who you are and where in the world you belong. Growing and changing is hard work and can be scary. I wish I could tell you that change gets easier. The good news is this: with change comes opportunity.

I know that you are afraid - for yourself, for your friends, for our country. It's okay to be afraid. You must, however, not build your house in a fearful state. You must continue to be brave.

I also know that the sun will continue to rise. And even though it feels as though all is lost, it is not. Hold on to your passion. Use it to continue to fight for your ideals. Engage in the dialog. Be the ally your friends need you to be. You can count me among them.

Because, dear young person, I am struggling as well. Maybe we can help each other through it.

An Old(er) Person

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