April A to Z Blogging Challenge

Here's the skinny on the April A to Z Blogging Challenge....

Every day in April, I will post a blog about a word for each letter of the alphabet. For example, April 1 will be about a word that starts with A. April 2, a word that starts with B and so on....

Taking Sundays off, that leaves 26 posts for the month - one for each letter of the Alphabet.

In the past I have tried this, rather unsucessfully. However, I'm all over it this year because....ha ha....I have learned how to use the scheduling tool!! And, I've already started my posts and scheduled them to show up in this tab on the appropriate day.

See?? Old girls really can learn new tricks!

The sign up list is closed, but here's a link to all the blogs that have signed up as well as links to the Challenge Hosts' Blogs.

2014 A to Z Blogging Challenge Participating Blogs

My theme this year is Feeling Words as they apply to my struggle to extricate myself from the Former Supposed Spouse. Some will be funny - because, my life at the moment is often so absurd all I can do is laugh or lose my mind. Some will be sad - because ending a long-term relationship, no matter how hideous it has become, is hard. As each one is published, I will update this page with a link to each one.

Also, since I'm not posting all the links to my personal Facebook page anymore, you may want to use your Google ID to "follow" me, or, provide your e-mail address so that a link to each blog post will be e-mailed directly to you. Both of those links are on each post in the form of buttons along the left side of your screen

"I Write, Therefore, I Am" has a Google+ follow button. Underneath the Archive list, there is a box titled "Get Me....I'm In Your Inbox." If you provide your email address (and I don't get to see who is on my email list) you will get a link to each post in your Inbox as they are posted. Finally, waaaaaaaayyyyy down at the bottom, underneath the list of "People I Stalk" (other bloggers I follow), there is a section called "People Who Stalk Me." Click the button that says "Join This Site" and you will get notified each time I post. This one will tell me who you are, though, in case that matters to you.

And..........away we go...........................enjoy. And comment.

A = Apathy

B = Bawdy, Bedeviled, Beguiled and Beloved

C = Change, Courage

D = Determination

E = Evolution

F = Faith

G = Gratitude

H = Hopeless, Hopeful, Hormonal

I = Intuition, Inspiration, Indigo Girls

J = Just

K = Kissing

L = Longing

M = Mess

N =

O =

P =

Q =

R =

S =

T =

U =

V =

W =

X =

Y =

Z =

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